What is Your Shamanic Aptitude?

What is Your Shamanic Aptitude?

When Bobcat Walks Through Winter - from Scarlet's series "Shamanic Stories - Available as Giclee Print

“The Secret: When Bobcat Walks Through Winter” – from Scarlet’s series “Shamanic Stories” – Available as a Giclee Print through the Site’s Store


You undoubtedly have some degree of shamanic aptitude, whether or not you’re aware of it, and if you’ve found your way to this page, chances are you’re here because that natural aptitude has led to an interest in developing your shamanic consciousness.

Because I know you’re curious about your aptitude, and may be unsure whether or not you would benefit from a deeper understanding of your current level of shamanic consciousness, I’m offering you two ways to discover your level of shamanic aptitude.

The first is a fun, free quiz, which you can take right here on this page, and instantly get a quick take on your degree of shamanic aptitude.


The second is a more in-depth analysis of your shamanic aptitude similar to the evaluations I do for students and apprentices prior to their beginning study with me. If you choose to

"Turtle Swims North" - from Scarlet's "Shamanic Stories" series - Available as a giclee print through the site's Store

“Turtle Swims North” – from Scarlet’s “Shamanic Stories” series – Available as a Giclee Print through the site’s Store

purchase the in-depth analysis, you’ll respond to several in-depth questions in essay form, write a story describing the content of one of my shamanic paintings, and send both to me for analysis, along with a current photo and payment. I’ll carefully read your statements, then do a journey on your behalf to seek information about where you are at this time regarding your degree of shamanic consciousness and your aptitude for for further developing it. We’ll discuss the results on the phone, and I’ll also send you a written transcript of the journey. Click here to begin.

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Free Shamanic Aptitude Quiz

While this simple test is by no means all-inclusive in terms of how I would evaluate your shamanic aptitude, it will nevertheless give you some idea of your innate capacity for successfully doing shamanic work.

Answer the questions below spontaneously, choosing the first answer that feels right to you.

The cougar in the picture at left is:


When I was a child, I felt “different” from others:


I have dreamed:


My interactions with the natural world are:


Stones are:


Trees are:


The plant world is:


One must be careful when handling feathers because: