Time of the Warrioress Gatherings

The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings

What is The Time of the Warrioress?

For a very long time now, the Sacred Feminine, oppressed and demonized since the dawn of patriarchy, has been slowly awakening, and women the world over have been realigning their psyches with Her energy.  The strength of that realignment became evident in 2017 as women marched around the world in resistance to the political takeover of the United States government by a small group of pathologically patriarchal males.

From a feminist shamanic perspective, those marches were a sign that The Time of the Warrioress has arrived; the time in which women working together have finally regained enough feminine power and authority to become a very potent antidote to the assaults these unhinged men – and others like them around the world – are currently making on women, selected groups of people, and the earth Herself.


 What is a Feminist Shamanic Warrioress?

The feminist shamanic Warrioress is not a feminine equivalent of the male warrior, who is associated with dominating or controlling others by applications of physical force that range from  hand-to-hand combat to mass murder from a great distance by directing – or threatening to direct – penis-shaped missiles carrying nuclear warheads or chemical weapons at countries it wishes to subdue.

In stark contrast to this kind of violence, the feminist shamanic Warrioress instead heals both internal and external conflicts by means of feminist shamanic methods, which begin with balancing feminine and masculine energies within herself. She accomplishes this by aligning herself with Earth (Feminine) and Sky (Masculine) energies through specific breathing practices, and meditative visualization. Having thus corrected personal imbalances, she is in a position to then begin gathering the shamanic energy required to carry out her intent to resist and heal the pathologically inflated patriarchal paradigm responsible for our current governmental, social, and environmental crises. She accomplishes this by working in partnership with various aspects of the natural world.

Are You Distressed by the Current Political Situation?

The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings Can Help!

The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings are designed specifically to help you deal with your distress, and with the emotions being triggered by the aggressive and sexist behavior of males towards females that has been steadily escalating since the election.

As you participate in the Gatherings, you learn uniquely shamanic methods for acknowledging and releasing the emotions fueling your distress.

You then find and learn to sing your personal Warrioress tone, as well as other personal shamanic tones, chants and sounds through which you can send feminine wisdom out into the world as an antidote to the rising tide of masculine misogyny that women and the earth are being assaulted with by those currently in control in DC.

What to Expect at a Time of the Warrioress Gathering

We begin by sharing our concerns and feelings about the current political situation within the safe container of a Women’s Shamanic Talking Circle, followed by a “Release” drumming, which helps us to let go of those feelings.

A feminist shamanic smudge ceremony follows, during which the released energies are removed from our space, as we sing the feminist shamanic song “Mother Light,” during which we intentfully invite light from deep within the earth to rise, surround, protect and inspire the work that is to come.

We then drum together, to bond us one to another through our drums, and seek tones, chants, and other sounds that express our love for the Earth and all the life She supports.

Other activities may include meditative visualizations, affirmations, and feminist shamanic journeying. You also learn methods for creating psychic protection, and breathwork and movements for gathering shamanic energy.

Tree Spirit Ceremonies are part of some of the Gatherings

During the Tree Spirit ceremony, we work with tree medicine, using drumming and sound to send our messages of love, healing and support to the Sacred Feminine and to the Earth, through the root systems of trees, asking them to carry our messages far and wide through their root systems. 50% of donations requested for the Tree Ceremonies will be donated to TreeSisters.org to help the carry out their work in bringing climate change to a halt by reforesting the earth’s tropical rain forests.

Water Spirit Ceremonies are also part of some of the Gatherings

During the Water Spirit Ceremonies, we drum and sing our messages of love, healing and support for the Sacred Feminine and the Earth to springs and streams, asking them to carry those messages to the seas they will eventually empty into, so that the tides will carry our messages far and wide. 50% of donations gathered for Water Spirit Ceremonies will be donated to the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.


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You can also read essays about The Time of the Warrioress, which I’ll be posting periodically on my blog.



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