The Time of the Greening Earth

IMAGE K244-G White Otter

“The Time of the Greening Earth” is the first in a planned series of audio-visual feminist shamanic “Small Teachings.” This particular teaching is about certain aspects of the shamanic East, one of the goddess archetypes found there, and her relationship to Otter medicine. In this kind of shamanic teaching, some of the teaching is transmitted as you view the painting, while some of it is transmitted as you listen to the short medicine story describing the painting, and some of it is transmitted in the shamanic singing and chanting that follows the story. I suggest that you view the painting while listening to the audio part several times, simply allowing the “medicine” in the teaching to find its way into your understanding of what you’re viewing and hearing. I’d love to hear about your response to this type of teaching, so please use the form below to send me your comments.

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One comment on “The Time of the Greening Earth
  1. Karen Larsen says:

    The nature sounds, the story and your singing create a beautiful image and teaching.

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