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The Place of the Springs & The Stone Heart Turtle People

The Place of the Springs & The Stone Heart Turtle People, Feminist Bear Shaman Scarlet Kinney’s telling of the first part of her long journey into full shamanic consciousness, is now available to you in a three part, special limited first edition (250) illustrated, pdf format!

Scarlet is offering this special illustrated edition of her book in this format at this time for the purpose of helping finance legal expenses accruing as she and others in her community work to appeal the permitting of a gravel pit in a residential neighborhood in the coastal forest around Downeast Maine’s Morgan Bay.

This special edition of the book, which contains many original artworks by Scarlet that will not be avaialble in the paperback version, is being offered for this purpose at $50. Scarlet will donate $30 from each sale – and more if necessary – to the Friends of the Forest legal fund, which was created to accept donations for appealing the permit.

In addition to purchasing this book, you can make donations to Friends of the Forest in person at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust in Blue Hill, Maine, or at any of its branches to ensure that ongoing, competent legal representation is available throughout the entire process of appealing this permit.

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Shamanic First Aid for Today’s Woman

SFA Cover

“Shamanic First Aid for Today’s Woman” is an 80-page pocketbook-sized booklet rich with simple feminist shamanic fixes for common issues faced by today’s women. It offers teachings, guidance, visualizations, breathwork exercises, and affirmation chants which will help you deal with the stresses of today’s world, and includes a six-page index so that you can quickly look things up on the go.

Small Teachings

A “Small Teachings” series of booklets on the subject of contemporary shamanism, written from a feminist shamanic perspective.

Shamanic Art

Fine Art Prints

Limited edition archival quality giclee prints of several of Scarlet’s stunning shamanic paintings are being offered through The Store.

Shamanic Portraiture

K325 While Love Slept No. 2- Stage 7 Final-2

The specific content of your portrait is based upon Scarlet’s shamanic scan of your energy field at the time the portrait is commissioned, and upon the guidance she receives in the shamanic journey she then undertakes on your behalf.

Shamanic Music

Feminist Shamanic

Journey Drumming CD

The Store carries Scarlet’s first CD, which contains original music and drumming for two levels of journeying in the feminist shamanic way, which has received great reviews.