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Feminist Shamanic Journey Drumming CD

cd-coverIf you are a woman who wants to undertake shamanic journeys in your full feminine power, or if you’re a man who wants to journey with the support of feminine shamanic power, you will find this CD very helpful. The practice of shamanism has been profoundly influenced by masculine, patriarchal ways. One of the ways in which that influence is expressed is through the kind of drumming that is generally used for shamanic journeying. Such drumming is more often than not hard and driving, with call-backs that are abrupt and startling. As I developed Feminist Shamanism® over two decades of shamanic practice and teaching, I realized that this type of journey drumming is not suitable for women, nor for men who wish to journey supported by feminine shamanic energy. This CD is a response to that realization. It contains the proper level and intensity of trance-inducing percussion and sound required for you to undertake shamanic journeys supported and inspired by feminine shamanic energy.

This CD is unique in its genre, and is distinguished from other shamanic journey CDs in these ways:

  • It is recorded to sound live.
  • It offers powerful support for undertaking two very different levels of shamanic journeying.
  • Each of the two tracks begins with original shamanic songs and chants that take you gradually towards shamanic consciousness before segueing into journey drumming.
  • The call-backs are long and gentle, giving you plenty of time to gradually return from your journey.
  • The insert contains phonetic and drumbeat notations for the main chants on each track. It also contains instructions for smudging in the women’s shamanic way, and properly preparing yourself to journey.

Download a sample

Track One: “Mother Light” ~ song: 8:13 minutes Shamanic journey drumming: 24:11 minutes
Call-back: 1:16 minutes
Track Two: “Five Directions chants”: 10:34 minutes
Shamanic journey drumming: 26:95 minutes Call-back: 5:21 minutes
Price: $16.95

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“I enjoyed your CD and it certainly fills a space that I haven’t heard before. A wonderful journeying CD! I can see how it would work for a meditative space as well.”
– Audrey B., Nevada

“Though I am not that familiar with shamanism, I was moved by Scarlet’s drumming. I found each individual drumming took me to a different spiritual place and when I relayed them to Scarlet, she just smiled and said “you’ve just taken a shamanic journey and they were the journeys you were meant to take.” I remember them to this day and intend to do more with Scarlet in the future on an ongoing basis. If you are interested shamanism, this would be a great place to start.”
– Gerard M., California

“Scarlet’s CD is distinctive in that it contains both journey drumming and various shamanic chant songs unique to her practice. The chants infuse it with a powerful energy that informs any journeys undertaken while listening to it. Both tracks are sufficiently lengthy as to allow journeys to develop naturally without any sense of pressure to finish and return. I now use this disc exclusively for all of my shamanic journeying.”
– N. R., Pennsylvania

“During a KaiaFit retreat in Costa Rica we used Scarlet’s stunning CD for guided meditational journeys and for a large portion of our KaiaYoga class. It really helped us with focus and made the energy flow smoother. I highly recommend this drumming CD, which is really easy to meditate to because of its feminine shamanic energy.”
– Sharon Kassity, Owner, KaiaFit Nevada

I have used Scarlet’s drumming CD on a few occasions and have always had fantastic results. I typically struggle with slowing down my mind enough to reach that trance like state we strive for in Shamanic journeying, so it takes me a while to get there. However, each time I used Scarlet’s CD I have found myself reaching that state incredibly quickly, in some cases
almost immediately, and have had some of my most intense and powerful journeys while using the CD. I would definitely recommened it!
– Anonymous