The Time of the Warrioress Workbooks and Recordings

The Time of the Warrioress
Workbooks and Recordings

By Feminist Bear Shaman Scarlet Kinney

Part One: Orientation to Feminist Shamanism – Coming 2017

The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings, and the workbooks and recordings that accompany them, are designed to contribute to healing the distressing emotional, spiritual, and psychological impacts of the current political situation on women and on the Earth. In Part One you’ll learn some interesting things about the history of shamanism, and how it was influenced by patriarchy, gain a clear understanding of how the patriarchal abuse paradigm is impacting women personally, and the nation as a whole, and you’ll learn three feminist shamanic practices for dealing with its impact on your quality and experience of life, as you take the first steps to becoming a Warrioress for these times.

You can listen to and download the recording of the first practice described in the Workbook, “The Marriage of Earth and Sky,” free, as a gift. This practice can be successfully done on its own.

You should always do “The Marriage of Earth & Sky,” for balancing feminine and masculine energies within yourself, before doing the second practice, “Bending Time & Space,” a Sea Turtle teaching, and the third practice, “What Women and the Earth Need Right Now,” an Owl teaching. You can download my sequential recording of all three practices separately or along with the Workbook at a reduced price, which is recommended.