The Heart of the Bear, The Place of the Springs & The Stone Heart Turtle People

The Heart of the Bear, The Place of the Springs

& The Stone Heart Turtle People


The Heart of the Bear” is the overall title of my recently completed mythic memoir/novel, which is based on my personal journey into full shamanic consciousness. It is now being circulated to literary agents and publishers for consideration.

Like all artist/writers, I need patrons! So, during the time the manuscript is circulating, for $36.93 including tax, you can become one by purchasing a special three-part, 269 page limited edition, illustrated version of The Place of the Springs, the first part of the overall tale, in downloadable format! 

My writing style combines fact, fiction, history, imagination, myth and shamanic vision to allow my fictional/alter ego narrator, in the person of eccentric Indigo Shaughnessy, to tell “the whole truth” of her story.

 This special patron’s edition of the book contains many original full color artworks of mine that will very likely not be available in the eventual paperback version!



Upon purchase, you’ll be directed to a link where you can download the entire book in three parts – PART ONE: In the Beginning, PART TWO: A Time of Sorrow and Adverse Fate, and PART THREE: The Place of the Springs.


“Scarlet’s tale is truly riveting!” 

. . . and her storytelling technique is so gripping that I could not stop reading once I got started. The writing itself is richly beautiful and evocative, and the shamanic spirit that permeates her entire book gives it more force and power than ordinary memoirs. Reading it is an enriching experience on both the conscious and unconscious levels. I highly recommend it.


“Scarlet’s writing is nonordinary!” 

. . . Having been thrust into another dimension by a profound shamanic initiation, she walks in two worlds and her telling of these realities, whether in words or by brush, is always experiential.”

Deborah M.  MAINE


          “I’m a fifth generation Irish-American-Catholic female who was born and raised in a small coastal village in Downeast Maine. I live on that coast today. Although American to the bone, it seems that I nevertheless carry in my blood, or in my genes, two most unusual gifts from my lost ancestors: the ability to remember back through time to certain mythic events belonging to our shared and distant past, and a certain peculiar awareness of events that are simultaneously taking place in realities other than those which are shaping my own personal experience in physical reality at various moments in time. I believe that those ancestral gifts are largely responsible for my having become able to see, hear, and interact with the shamanic energies and archetypes inhabiting the part of Maine’s stone coast on which I walk.
“Let me explain. Sometimes, while the most mundane event is taking place…say, for example, you’re walking to school beneath the towering canopy of giant elms that line the streets of your little town, thinking of the dreaded algebra test you must face as soon as you arrive there, when suddenly you see, as though through a veil, hundreds of ravens flying west, darting in and out of the gracefully whispering leaves, their wings beating like distant drums, and they’re singing the most incredibly beautiful song, calling to you to follow them. Well, what would you do? Take the algebra test or follow those ravens into a marvelous adventure in some distant reality, far removed from the solid earth upon which you reluctantly tread towards certain mathematical disaster?”


In this installment Indigo shares stories from her childhood with you. During this part of her life Indigo begins questioning the validity of “consensus reality,” experiences snatches of shamanic vision related to the myth that is woven into the tales within the book, and  first encounters the magical energies of coastal Maine’s “places of springs,” as she and her beloved cousin, Little Deer, wander downeast Maine’s coastal forests and coastline.

ABSTRACT OF PART TWO: A Time of Sorrow and Adverse Fate

In this installment, Indigo confronts  what she perceives as something very nebulous, but very wrong with the world in which she lives. She chronicles much of her effort to understand what’s going on in her world in “The Complaints,” a series of stories she writes in her journal about disturbing  events she must face and somehow deal with. During this part of her life, the brief visionary flashes of the “other world” that she has always experienced begin presenting themselves to her as parts of a sequential, coherent myth. While this shift is initially triggered by terror during a traumatic event, Indigo gradually learns to consciously enter and leave at will the states of consciousness within which the myth is unfolding in a reality that seems to run parallel to that of her life in the physical world.

ABSTRACT OF  PART THREE: The Place of the Springs 

In Ceremony, the first of the two sections comprising the third installment of The Place of the Springs, Indigo begins moving into full acceptance of her visionary gift. Although she does not yet know where they will ultimately lead her, her visions now begin to guide her in dealing with traumatic life situations, such as her very close encounter with a huge bear in one of coastal Maine’s “places of the springs” in company with a high school friend, which propels her into her first initiatory test in shamanic reality. When her father dies, she must use her as-yet undeveloped shamanic abilities to see his soul on its journey beyond the life of the physical body. The fiery death of her beloved cousin Little Deer a year to the day after she herself was severely burned in a fire propels her on a shamanic journey back through time to revisit the day when the two of them pledged to die at the same time and in the same way. In the final chapter she shares the story of her physical world shamanic initiatory challenge, which is induced by the trauma of the fire in which she is almost killed. Acknowledging that she is both Indigo and Scarlet, she reveals that as Indigo, she has become She Who Walks in the Heart of Bear, and that as Scarlet she has become the guardian of The Place of the Springs on the land she lives on, and has always been one of The Stone Heart Turtle People.

In Sacred Soup, the second section of Installment Three, Scarlet/Indigo shares with you eight recipes for soups, all of which were either being prepared during the stories, or like Daddy’s Scallop Stew and Mother and Saints Lobster Stew, are specialty soups of one of the characters in the book. Others, like “Good Earth Cream of Mushroom Soup,” and “Grape Soup for Bully Bill,” were soups the author created to honor the energies of particular stories. For these reasons, and because of the way they are to be prepared, these soups should be considered ceremonial healing soups for the particular kinds of sorrows or needs or memories from which they arose.