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The Stone Heart Turtle People Series
Book One: The Place of the Springs

The Stone Heart Turtle People Series is Scarlet’s three-part mythic memoir about becoming a shaman. Part One of the memoir, “The Place of the Springs,” is now available as a downloadable PDF file, and will soon be available in paperback and eBook formats.

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Shamanic First Aid for Today’s Woman

SFA Cover

“Shamanic First Aid for Today’s Woman” is an 80-page pocketbook-sized booklet rich with simple feminist shamanic fixes for common issues faced by today’s women. It offers teachings, guidance, visualizations, breathwork exercises, and affirmation chants which will help you deal with the stresses of today’s world, and includes a six-page index so that you can quickly look things up on the go.

Small Teachings

A “Small Teachings” series of booklets on the subject of contemporary shamanism, written from a feminist shamanic perspective.