Statement of Intent Regarding The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings

As political events have unfolded, I’ve become more and more aware of the negative impact they are having on women. Although I do sign petitions, complain far too much on FB, and make calls at times, I’m not cut out to be a political activist. However, there is something I can offer women who are being traumatized by the rhetoric and actions of Donald Trump and our new government: feminist shamanic practices that heal and strengthen women.

That’s why I’m offering The Time of the Warrioress Gatherings, which are designed to do just that.

Feminist shamanism offers many ways for women to process and free themselves from negative feelings they may be experiencing in response to the current political climate.
Becoming a feminist shamanic Warrioress for these times, by means of awakening and integrating the full spectrum of feminist shamanic goddess energies available to us, is one way women can become both potent adversaries and powerful antidotes to the patriarchal abuses our new government is directing at women and others.

Formal feminist shamanic talking circles, during which each woman’s concerns and thoughts are attentively listened to but not challenged, can help heal feelings of “not being heard.”

Engaging with other women in feminist shamanic drumming, singing, chanting, and movement releases negativity and engenders a sense of belonging and feminine empowerment.

Direction-specific feminist shamanic meditations, visualizations and affirmations bring one into alignment with the stability of the feminist shamanic Medicine Wheel Mandala, and with the strengths and accomplishments available to us within each direction within the mandala.

Psychic protection methods, which involve breathwork and movement, protect us both from our own imbalances and from the imbalances of others, while simultaneously empowering us.

And feminist shamanic journeys, during which one can engage with various shamanic goddess archetypes, will over time enable us to awaken, activate, and integrate the many faces of the Sacred Feminine into our individual sense of self-identity.

This is a major focus of the Gatherings, because the patriarchal culture in which we live values only one aspect of the sacred Feminine as expressed by women: its “make nice,” seemingly submissive face. I say “seemingly submissive,” because when one begins to shamanically engage with that aspect of the Feminine, one soon learns that behind that pleasant and diplomatic façade lies the awesome power to free us from internalized patriarchal religious and social belief systems.

I believe that women are going to need to take the lead in pushing back against Trump and his agenda. I believe that we can find the strength to do so by awakening, accepting, integrating, and learning to value and express the many faces of the Sacred Feminine in every area of our lives. I believe that by banding together in an effort to do so, once-traumatized women, standing side by side with female political powerhouses, can become a force capable of resisting and bringing down Trumpism, and of eventually reversing the tsunami of patriarchal abuse that we’re being subjected to in today’s socio-political climate.

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