Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Studies


You can choose among three different levels of feminist shamanic study with Scarlet: Intensive Training for Apprentices; Training and Certification for Feminist Shamanic Counselors®; and Workshops and Seminars, which are open to all. All trainings. workshops and seminars are available at The Standing Bear. If you have studied with Scarlet at The Standing Bear, you may also be able to arrange to have her teach at your location.

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Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & Seminars are open to anybody with a sincere interest in learning more about shamanism in general and about feminist shamanic practice in particular.

Shamanic Myth Writing Seminar

Over the course of this seven-part seminar, you research your feminine lineage and create your personal feminine shamanic myth using feminist shamanic methods. In addition to researching your feminine ancestry, you learn to use basic feminist shamanic techniques to enter into the magical realms of mythic memory, from which your personal myth gradually emerges.

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Intensive Shamanic Training for Apprentices
If you have experienced a shamanic initiation trial and calling, you may be eligible to enter the Apprentice Training Program.

Feminist Shamanic Counselor Training & Certification Program
The Feminist Shamanic Counselor Training & Certification Program is ideal for psychotherapists, social workers, doctors and others who want to be of help to others at levels beyond what academic training has prepared you for.