Commission a Shamanic Portrait

Commission a Shamanic Portrait

K325 While Love Slept No. 2- Stage 7 Final-2

Watercolor & Pastel Shamanic Portrait
Size: 21″ x 29″

Each of us has helping and supportive shamanic energies around us all the time, in the form of animal spirit helpers and other archetypes that may express themselves in images such as flowers, abstract symbols, features of seasonal landscapes, weather phenomena, and many more. The specific content of your portrait is based upon Scarlet’s shamanic scan of your energy field at the time the portrait is commissioned, and upon the guidance she receives in the shamanic journey she then undertakes on your behalf.

Oil on Linen Shamanic Portrait Size: 44 x 80”

Oil on Linen Shamanic Portrait
Size: 44 x 80”

Participating in the process of your scan, hearing the guidance offered in your journey, and then contemplating the completed portrait are all vital parts of the shamanic healing process that begins the moment you schedule your initial exploratory appointment for your commission.You should be aware that, unlike traditional portraiture, you’re not commissioning an image that you and the artist have discussed and imagined prior to beginning the portrait process. You’re commissioning a shaman’s vision of yourself and your shamanic energy field at a particular time in your life, and the shaman must be true to that vision in the creation of the painting. Prepare to be surprised and delighted at the result! When commissioning a shamanic portrait, you’ll also receive a 1 oz. pouch of my personally gathered and mixed herbs for shamanic offerings, which contains desert sage gathered in Nevada, Native American tobacco and eastern white cedar gathered in Maine’s coastal forest (while supplies last).

Important Information

Scarlet is currently accepting six portrait commissions per year. The entire process (from your initial commission interview with Scarlet to receipt of the completed portrait) may take from six weeks to several months, depending upon how many portraits are scheduled for the year. Payment terms are ½ down at time of commission, and balance upon completion.


  1. Watercolor and pastel on 300# hot press (very heavy and smooth) watercolor paper.
    Available in 16″ x 17″ or 21″ x 29″ sizes. If you have a different size need, please discuss it with me.

  2. Oil portraits are also available upon special request. All oil paintings are rendered on traditionally sized, oil-primed linen, and are priced at $5 per square inch for standard sizes, plus shipping and handling, and framing if desired. The minimum size for an oil portrait is 20 x 24”. Oil portraits larger than 44 x 80” are considered special orders, and are priced accordingly. Contact Scarlet to discuss sizes, pricing and timelines for commissioned oil portraits.

Beginning the Commission Process

Please contact me, using form below, to begin the process of commissioning your portrait.

Sizes and Pricing: Watercolor and Pastel Portraiture

Select a size: 16” X 17” or 21” x 29”

Mounting and Framing Options

  • Archivally mounted on acid-free foam core
  • Archivally mounted and matted, ready to be framed
  • Archivally mounted and matted, and framed under UV blocking clear glass.

Frame Options

Contemporary Natural

Contemporary Black

Contemporary Gold

Contemporary Whitewashed


16″ x 17″ Mounted $1,450.00 USD
16″ x 17″ Matted $1,650.00 USD
16″ x 17″ Matted and Framed $2,000.00 USD
21″ x 29″ Mounted $2,800.00 USD
21″ x 29″ Matted $3,000.00 USD
21″ x 29″ Matted and Framed $3,450.00 USD

(Pricing includes packaging, handling, and fully insured shipping within the continental US.)

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