Feminist Shamanic Counseling ®

Scroll down to discover the benefits of feminist shamanic consultations/counseling with Scarlet Kinney, creator of feminist shamanism, and founder of The Standing Bear/Slow Thunder Center for Shamanic Studies

Note: During this time of shutdown, I’ll be offering private counseling sessions via doxy.me, a very secure telemedicine site. To schedule a teleconsultation, contact me.

Feminist Shamanic Counseling®



I developed Feminist Shamanic Counseling® over my more than two decades of shamanic practice, teaching, and counseling.

How It Works

Perhaps the single most important thing for you to know about feminist shamanic counseling is that while shamanic healing work takes place in non-ordinary reality, the healing sought there is for persons living everyday lives in the physical world. To be optimally effective, the efforts of the shaman need to be grounded in physical reality by receptivity to receiving healing by those persons; by their intent to be healed; and by their willingness to actively participate in their own healing process by carrying out any guidance or tasks the shaman’s spirit helpers and guides may recommend for them.

What To Expect During Your Private Session

Your private session with me begins with a feminist shamanic “scan”, during which I identify the shamanic energies available to offer guidance for your issue. Following your scan, I journey into shamanic reality on your behalf. While there, I seek out and communicate with the specific shamanic energies that were present during your scan, and return with guidance for you based upon their shamanic perspective on your issue. I then share the guidance with you, including recommendations given for tasks or actions you yourself can do or take to enhance and “ground” the work for yourself in physical reality.

“I cannot say enough about the impeccable integrity of Scarlet Kinney’s work as a shamanic healer with her experience, her intuitive knowing, and above all her strict adherence to the proper way of shamanically extracting a psychic intrusion. I was consistently in a state of total trust, complete confidence and profound gratitude. It is indeed a gift to be able to relax into the expertise of a true practitioner.”
~ Deborah, Maine

Unique Features of Feminist Shamanic Counseling

  • Prior to working with clients, the feminist shamanic counselor undertakes a thorough mapping of shamanic reality, simultaneously creating powerful working relationships with the various archetypal energies—such as animal spirits and ancestral guides—that inhabit it.
  • As a result of her meticulous mapping of shamanic reality, the feminist shamanic counselor gradually develops a strong internal shamanic compass. This compass guides her in her shamanic healing efforts.
  • Feminist shamanic counseling is also distinguished from other forms of counseling by the feminist shamanic counselor’s ability to correctly “scan” and interpret the shamanic energies that are available to offer guidance for your particular issue. She will also know how to engage those energies as helpers in facilitating your healing in shamanic reality.
  • Before attempting to help others, feminist shamanic counselors work towards healing their own issues, using feminist shamanic methods. This gives them personal experience of this method of healing and so teaches understanding of and compassion for their client’s healing process.

Types of Feminist Shamanic Counseling & Healing Work


Types of Feminist Shamanic Counseling & Healing Work

Dealing with Common Personal Issues


Most women suffer varying degrees of damage to their self-esteem and self-confidence because of negative patriarchal religious, social and family attitudes towards the Feminine principle. Feminist shamanic counseling helps you to restore your self-esteem and self-confidence as well as your natural sense of feminine power and authority. As a result, you become better able to successfully handle most of the challenges women encounter living in contemporary patriarchal culture. You then become free to pursue your uniquely feminine goals. Feminist shamanic counseling can also help you heal from grief, loss, sadness, fear, anger, and lack of direction. Fee: $50 per hour. Most sessions run about 1 ½ hours.

Removal of Psychic Intrusions


All forms of abuse create internalized psychic intrusions that negatively influence our life choices, even long after the abuse has ended. Such intrusions can be ceremonially removed using feminist shamanic methods, and you can then learn how to protect and shield yourself from any further such intrusions. The creation of special shamanic healing ceremonies, which can involve several sessions with me, are often helpful in healing such damage. Fee: For the counseling aspect of this work, which involves pre-ceremony preparation and post-ceremony integration counseling: $50 per hour. For the ceremony itself: Suggested minimum donation: $75.

“Several years ago I found myself in a pickle. Well, it was more than a pickle. It was a downward spiral I could not understand, nor could I stop. At the time I had over a decade of hands-on energy healing under my belt as a practitioner, and I was answering an inner calling to explore Shamanism.

April was barely making an appearance when I attended a five-day experience with a well-known national organization, but something I can’t explain happened during that time. I became extremely physically ill on the last day of class, and although my symptoms waned after about a month I could not get back on my feet.

My usual sources of support, friends and local energy workers, were baffled or worse, telling me to just get over it. I knew something was dreadfully wrong, I just couldn’t rectify it. I was desperate and barely functional. I felt like my life force was draining away and I was unable to stop it.

I happened by my local post office one afternoon and there was an offering of several books about Maine on the entry table, free for the taking. I immediately scooped them up. I knew they were a sign. I went home and following a hunch began Googling “Maine, women and shamans.” Scarlet’s website popped up. I was immediately attracted to it but leery given my recent experience. I also knew I needed help.

Finally, in a leap of faith, I contacted Scarlet and over the next year she assisted me through a series of shamanic healing sessions. Each time she would journey for me and bring back valuable information and healing from her Spirit Animal allies. My dream body had been severely damaged through my involvement with the aforementioned group. I was given protocols and healing methodologies to follow. Slowly, step by step, I made my recovery.

I am immensely grateful to Scarlet, not only because she is such a powerful healer but also because she truly listened to me. Somehow she made sense of my incoherent babbling, fear and despair, and moved beyond it with skill and compassion. I would recommend Scarlet to anyone, without hesitation.”
~ Dory, New York

Power Animal Retrievals


Your power animal is a specific animal spirit whose energetic vibration and ways most closely match or “mirror” yours. During your power animal retrieval, I journey into shamanic reality, find your power animal, bring it back with me into physical reality, and blow it into your body. I then instruct you regarding how to integrate its medicine and develop and nurture an ongoing relationship with it. Fee: $125.

Soul Retrievals


If you have experienced physical or emotional trauma, a part of your psyche may have retreated into shamanic reality as a way of coping. If so, you may benefit from a soul retrieval, during which I journey into shamanic reality, find the “lost” part of your psyche, and return it to you in ordinary reality. This three-part process consists of an initial consultation, the soul retrieval ceremony itself, and a follow-up appointment. (Occasionally, in cases of especially severe or multiple traumas, additional sessions may be required to complete the process.) Fee: $150 for a typical three-part soul retrieval process. Additional work around soul retrieval preparation or integration: $50 per hour.

Feminist Shamanic Dreamwork


Sometimes we have dreams that are so striking that we may remember them and ponder their meanings for years. Such dreams are extraordinary, numinous and mysterious, and often involve interactions with specifically shamanic archetypes, such as animal spirits or ancestral guides and elders. Such dreams are stored deep within the psyche at levels of consciousness not available to us. Over the years I’ve developed a method of shamanically revisiting such dreams for the purpose of interacting directly with the archetypes presenting themselves within the dream. Using this method, I’m able to receive guidance such shamanic archetypes may be offering you, or to change or shift the energies involved in positive ways. This process may involve two or more sessions, or your dreamwork may become ongoing. (For the purpose of clarification, the feminist shamanic definition of shamanic dreaming identifies a very particular type of dream experience as shamanic and this type of shamanic dream is distinguished from other kinds of more ordinary dream experiences. Not all dreams are considered to be shamanic, and shamanic dreaming, lucid dreaming and shamanic journeying are understood to be three very different and unrelated kinds of psychic events. Neither shamanic dreaming nor lucid dreaming are considered to be related to shamanic journeying in any way.) Fee; $50 per hour.

Ceremonial Work


Sometimes during the course of your feminist shamanic counseling, it becomes clear that a special ceremony is needed to facilitate your healing process. In such cases, I journey into shamanic reality to the appropriate animal spirits and guides to seek a specific, individualized ceremony to address your particular need. You are a very active participant in this process, and may be given several tasks to carry out prior to and following your ceremony in order to create optimal conditions of intent, acceptance and the will to successfully integrate the meaning of the ceremony within your own psyche. Your participation in such ceremonial work is a necessary prerequisite for the ceremony’s success. Fee: There is no set fee for ceremonial work, but a minimum donation of $75 is suggested.

Distance Consultations


While it is ideal to work with you in person, that is not always possible, and very effective healing results can also be obtained by means of distance work. Following an initial phone consultation, during which I conduct a scan of your situation to determine which shamanic energies are available to assist you, I’ll journey into shamanic reality on your behalf to retrieve guidance for you. During a second phone call, I’ll share with you the content of your journey and the guidance offered by those shamanic energies, and answer any questions that you may have at that time. You then receive a written transcript of the journey by email or regular mail, as you prefer. You then schedule a third phone call with me, during which we discuss the integration process you’ve gone through around the work we’ve done, and go over any questions you may have. Fee: $150 for a typical three-part consultation.

Scheduling Personal Shamanic Work with Scarlet

Private sessions are scheduled on an irregular basis, based upon the client’s readiness to take the next step in her or his process. After each session, clients need time to integrate the shamanic guidance they have received, as well as to carry out any recommended tasks. Only when the client feels ready to proceed is the next step in their shamanic healing process undertaken. Schedule an appointment for a private session with Scarlet.