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Surry Arts: At the Barn

Surry Concert Barn community page
Formerly known as The Concert Barn, where Rinzai Zen teacher and classical pianist Walter Nowick and guest musicians and singers from Maine and around the world delighted audiences with their virtuoso performances for decades, Surry Arts: At The Barn is carrying on Walter’s legacy under the enthusiastic and competent direction of musician and music therapist Alan Wittenberg, to whom Walter left the property. I have a very personal connection to the project, not only because I was a student of Walter’s in the 70s, and was very close to him during his last years and last days, but also because Walter cured me of a lifelong phobia about my ability to sing. Having been asked to leave the children’s choir at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Ellsworth because I sang so loudly and off key that nobody else in the choir was able to carry the tune, either, and having received similar walking orders from my high school glee club for the same reason, I was less than enthusiastic when Walter insisted I could sing and signed me up to be a member of the chorus in The Surry Opera Company, which he founded in the early 80s. Thanks to Merle Bisberg, an alto next to whom I initally sat, who told Walter that I was definitely not an alto, it was determined that the reason for my fear of singing was that I was actually a tenor, but had mistakenly been placed in the girl’s alto sections of choir and glee club, because I had a low voice for a female. Walter moved me to the tenor section, and I sang loudly and happily and mostly on key in Surry performances, and in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tblisi, Georgia. I am very impressed with Alan’s efforts and help out whenever I’m able … although nobody has yet asked me to sing! Facebook page