Restoring Women’s Ways to the Practice of Western Shamanism

Exploring Feminist Shamanism

A fun quiz you can take to discover your current level of shamanic aptitude.
If you believe you’ve had a shamanic initiatory trial and calling, you may be eligible for an apprenticeship at The Standing Bear.
The Feminist Shamanic Counselor Certification Program fully prepares you to establish a feminist shamanic counseling practice.
A complete listing of available seminars, workshops and trainings.
Scarlet is available for both local and distance feminist shamanic counseling sessions.

Ask Scarlet Blog

Ask Scarlet questions about shamanism and she will consider answering them on her blog. The blog also contains writings about shamanism, patriarchy, and various aspects of practicing feminist shamanism.


The Store

The Store offers you an online opportunity to purchase Scarlet’s books, papers, essays and booklets on shamanism, as well as her feminist shamanic drumming CD and beautiful giclee prints of some of her paintings.


The Art Gallery

The Center’s art gallery, Turtle Mountain Mythic Art, offers original paintings, pastels and sculptures by Scarlet and occasional guest artists.